Our undead army brought a whopping 250% revenue growth   

Meeting Zombies Meeting Zombies Meeting Zombies
Slido ― Meeting Zombies

We wanted to help Slido, a meeting interaction platform, showcase that they can address the problem of boring online meetings.

Showing how meetings turn many of their attendees into the so-called meeting zombies, and we fought these 'dead' meetings with our client Slido in the US. 

In a dramatic and fun way, we could show how Slido can take over and save all the perpetually tired Sleepers, absent Nodders, and bored Scrollers as well.

And that was not all! We've taken the Meeting Zombies theme right into the world of real online meetings and programmed a camera add-on that could be freely installed on any computer. The camera then tracks your facial expressions, and if you start to look inactive or absent-minded, it applies a filter on your face, making you look like a zombie. This all has a happy ending, of course – the desired effect is inviting the other meeting participants to bring you back to life by interacting with you with Slido.


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