It looks like magic, but it is easy   

It's a kind of magic It's a kind of magic It's a kind of magic
O2 ― It's a kind of magic

Puppets, robots and animals. The mobile operator O2 in Slovakia has already gone through several significant fluent devices. After years of mascots, our goal was to achieve communication with more humanity, but at the same time to keep a bit of the supernatural.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

When creating a new communication concept, we kept thinking about how technology can constantly surprise us. AR filters on TikTok, remote control of appliances or even a simple video call can be magic for someone.

Technology can do miracles that's what the new O2 communication concept Magic Moments is all about. 

We have created a new O2 world which has its own rules. In which we do not show digital technologies as technology but rather as magic that makes our live easier.

We launched Magic Moments with a TV spot featuring father and his little daughter, who can control the moon as easily as if it were a smartphone. The message of the spot is that O2 is giving back money for unspent data every month. And while it may look like magic, it is actually very easy. It is the new O2 Plan which gives back money every month.


The production covered the agency Hitchhiker Films and the director of the spot was Ľuboš Vacke. As per usual, the special effects were created by ALIEN Studios. The song used in the ad is Queen – It’s a kind of magic in a special arrangement from Viktor Hazard.

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