Who's going to pay $60 for one yogurt?   

The first yogurt NFT in the world The first yogurt NFT in the world The first yogurt NFT in the world
Rajo ― The first yogurt NFT in the world

Socials are one of the media channels where responsiveness and creative reactions are valued more than highly. 

Many brands are starting to learn that responding with templates and general answers is not really working on social media. 

We at TRIAD had already cheered and debated with the entire Czech nation in real time during the Hockey World Cup or responded to a social event IRL with IKEA. 

When a meme movement suddenly started on Instagram, asking for a return of the Dellissimo yogurt that has been discontinued for years, we knew we needed something really punchy immediately. With RAJO, we responded with a creation of an NFT that made a buzz which even made Expl0ited, the second-largest Slovak YouTuber, share a story about it for free.


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Limited edition full of Slovak art and juicy grapes of Blue Portugal variety from the southern Slovakia

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