Who has ever received a useless gift? Let him be the first to throw a patterned sock!   

Buy me a book Buy me a book Buy me a book
Martinus ― Buy me a book

Why go for an unnecessary Christmas gift or last-minute binge-shopping if you can make someone happy with a book? That is the simple yet honest and easy-to-connect message of the campaign we did with Martinus, a chain of bookstores with a fantastic brand identity. 

Christmas gifts don't need to be complicated – the perfect gift is usually the simplest one. We showed that with a simple, punchy spot with a retro vibe using a well-known song from Miro Žbirka that hit the spot just right. The famous singer even starred in the spot in the last few seconds. 

If you want to make me happy, you'd better buy me a book.
Miroslav Žbirka

We reminded people that the book is the best gift not only with the TV and online spot; we went for a series of visuals of those not-so-useful gifts with Buy me a book instead inscription. We were also giving away a "playable" bookmark with the hit song from Miro Žbira playing from it when put into a gramophone. 

After the campaign, 7 out 10 Slovaks confirmed that a book is the best gift.


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