Funny employer branding campaign tailored for serious times   

A Solution for Uncertain Times A Solution for Uncertain Times A Solution for Uncertain Times
LIDL ― A Solution for Uncertain Times

Europe's largest network of discount stores shows us that they can offer much more than just shopping at low prices. Our “Uncertain Times” campaign presents LIDL as an employer with many benefits, such as guaranteed salary growth or leisure activities.    

 To present the most interesting benefit in an engaging and insightful way – and with a dose of humour – we showed that even in uncertain times, LIDL employees can, after all, be certain of one thing: that their salary will grow.    

With this employer branding campaign, we knew that a punchy execution and the appearance of authentic LIDL employees in the spot was a sure bet. And it was, effectively differentiating us from the communication of our competitors.    


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