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The Place to Get Your First Job The Place to Get Your First Job The Place to Get Your First Job
Dell Technologies ― The Place to Get Your First Job

Variety, diversity, and uniqueness. Important aspects through which the international technology company Dell Technologies wants to attract future colleagues.   

In a fresh online campaign, we showed that Dell Technologies is a place where everyone can be themselves, because their uniqueness is what makes them fit in.  

The main goal was to raise awareness of Dell as a future employer for students and recent graduates.  

We communicated Dell as an attractive and cool employer, dispelling the misconception that it is just a boring corporation. In the online spot, we demonstrated diversity through our fundamental differences, as well as through the small everyday things that add to workplace diversity and make it interesting.  

A key element of the campaign was the use of hashtags to show that everyone will feel comfortable at Dell, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, appearance, or unusual hobbies. We pulled the most relevant words to the forefront, such as #career, #freedom, #fun, or #diversity to appeal to the defined target audience. By using them, we communicated the main idea clearly and comprehensibly: at Dell, there is a place for everyone.  

We don't care who people are or what makes them different. We only care about them being themselves. Because individuality makes Dell a unique space where people like to work and are happy.
Dell Technologies

The campaign's supporting format was a 30-second online video complemented by a 15” bumper. It was the first time we've ever used a full-length video as our hero format in a campaign. We complemented it by PR support in the form of articles.  

During the summer campaign, we received more than 7,000 hits on the careers page.  

The media strategy was put together in cooperation with the German company Radancy and the Slovak PR agency Seesame, as part of the Criss Cross media team.   


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