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Delivering marketing results is becoming increasingly challenging in turbulent times. Growing from a market challenger in a small country, we had to learn to overcome obstacles to achieve global success. We combine creativity, ingenuity, and a 'try harder' work ethic to deliver outstanding results.

We're fighters, battling our way through and for our clients. It's one of the reasons why our clients choose us as their long-term partners to consistently turn challenges into successes.

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Creativity is meaningless without tangible results. No matter the service.

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Our formula for marketing effectiveness holds true across all services: By blending strategic insight with creative innovation, we multiply the impact of your media budget.


Campaign Effectivity

(Your ultimate goal)


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(Is what multiplies the effect of your spending)

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We deliver results despite turbulent times. Our clients approve.



"The outcome of our activation campaign was an 40% increase of successful job applicants"

Andrea Gutierrez

said Andrea Gutierrez, Early Careers Recruitment Manager.



"Our US campaign brought a 250% brand perception within the selected target group."

Peter Komornik

In the words of Peter Komornik, CEO of Slido



"With 28,000 shares, the campaign went viral and achieved an organic cumulative reach of 13 million. This success propelled us to the number one position in the market,"

Zuzana Magálová

according to Zuzana Magálová, senior brand manager Pernod Ricard

We're humble,
yet proud.

Over 200 internationally recognized awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness serve as independent recognition that our approach works.

3× Slovak agency of the year,
2× Czech innovative agency of the year,
6× Grand Prix ,
Global Grand Effie Contender
& 200+ other awards.

Some of our fundamental rules

In a nutshell

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We love to work on work that works.

Your marketing success is our guiding principle.

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We try harder and you will notice it.

Exceptional service provided by humble professionals.

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We aim for competitive pricing.

We charge less than most UK-based agencies. Period.

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